Why Not Pursue a Furnace Repair Before the Deep Freeze?

Winter is never a surprise to Minnesotans. We prepare. Most of the time.

The days are getting shorter. Temps are beginning their annual slide. It’s time to break out the sweaters and keep the winter coats and gloves handy. Snow shovels come out of storage and snow blowers take the place of lawn mowers in our garages. Call on Prescription Heating & Cooling to handle a furnace repair at Your Maplewood or parts nearby home.

Minnesotans know what is coming. We prepare and plan ahead. We are good at this. Most of the time.

However, sometimes we overlook a few things, like putting gas in the snow blower before the first snowfall (been there), or having our home heating system checked before the temps and wind chill plummet.

Our furnaces and water heaters are often overlooked. We are used to having them do their thing quietly, predictably and anonymously year after year. Most of us forget the furnaces are even there until they stop working and we are faced with costly and inconvenient repairs–or even worse–complete failure requiring total replacement.

With all of our years of experience in this industry, we have met some of the finest Minnesotans and their families on Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve–one family trying to catch their flight for a Florida vacation, several more returning from vacation to a flooded home due to frozen, broken pipes. One couple was en route to the hospital to have their baby and countless others inconvenienced by furnaces that have stopped working. True stories, all!

We have to remember, just like cars, furnaces are machines. They have a motor, circuit boards and many vital parts. Even with regular use, parts wear out. With inefficient use, parts wear out faster. Our cars need tune-ups to run well and last longer. So do our furnaces.

Regular check-ups are recommended to ensure the furnace is running efficiently and safely and that vital parts are running cleanly. Dirty and worn-out parts will raise heating bills and the risk of increased carbon monoxide levels in the air you breathe. Carbon monoxide is odorless, dangerous and can be deadly. We recommend installing carbon monoxide detectors in all homes.

Avoid the possibility of lofty furnace repair costs by having us out to take a look at your system. Consider having it done annually.

Do you need reliable and professional furnace repair specialists near Maplewood and the surrounding areas? Call us at Prescription Heating & Cooling at 651-767-2737, or you can contact us and get a Free Estimate on a New Installation.