What to Do if Your Furnace Won’t Work

It always seems like your furnace breaks down at the worst time. It might be freezing cold outside, or it might be right before the holidays and when you are expecting loved ones to visit. But don’t worry! We are an experienced heating and cooling company near Roseville, and we have a few suggestions on things to try on your own before you call us for help.

If your furnace is blowing out less air than usual (or none at all), one of the most common culprits is a dirty filter. Consult the manufacturer’s recommendations to see what type of filter to buy, and then take out the old one and put the new one in. Many times, a dirty filter is the reason your furnace isn’t blowing out as much warm air as usual.

If changing the filter did not work, then you should check your thermostat. It might seem obvious, but check to make sure that it is set to heat. Sometimes, the settings on your thermostat can be unset by accident. You should be sure this didn’t happen before you call our heating and cooling company. If the settings are all correct, open up the thermostat and blow out the dust and other debris that might have settled on it. This can also sometimes fix the problem.

After checking the thermostat, if your furnace still is not working properly, you should check your house’s air vents. Are all of the vents fully open? Are they blocked in any way? Make sure they are all open and clear to ensure the warm air can blow out of them properly.

Finally, if all else fails, you should call our heating and cooling company for assistance. We can send a technician to your home as soon as possible to check on things and to ensure your furnace is working like it should be. It could end up being a simple fix. For example, we can clean your furnace to help it work as it should. We also offer routine inspections and cleanings to ensure your furnace is working properly before the cold air hits our area.

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