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Water Heater and Boilers Flushing

Tank-less water heaters and boilers can operate efficiently sometimes for years without any issues. Eventually, mineral deposits do build up and when this occurs, it restricts the amount of flow but also the quality of the water.

Traditionally, both commercial and residential users look to spring for maintenance and cleaning of heating and cooling equipment but that can be a mistake as it is always best to get the problem corrected as soon as you’ve identified a problem.

We use only state of the art equipment to accomplish this and utilize the Sentinel Model C90 JetFlush System, for all power flushing services.

Power flushing enables a thorough, rapid clean to restore optimum efficiency to a dirty system in a shorter space of time than other cleaning methods. The unit has a number of features which make it an easy-to-use power flushing device, such as its instant flow reversal, enabling powerful cleaning action and integral fresh water flush facility, which allows direct flush to waste of all debris and not returned to the system.

The next time you notice restrictive water flow or a change in the coloration of the water, please contact us as it may be time for a power flush. Please call for more information.

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