Furnace Tips for Winter

Prescription Heating cooling, the experts in furnace repair for Cottage Grove and the surrounding areas is here to help you keep your furnace up and running all winter long. When the temperature begins to drop, make sure you have prepared your furnace to last through the season. When it’s cold outside, you need your furnace to keep you and your family warm indoors. Here are a few great tips on how to keep your furnace a reliable one all winter long.

Furnace Tips for WinterReplace the Filters

A simple way to prolong the life of your furnace is by replacing its filter every month. A dirty filter can restrict air flow and cause your heating bill to increase. If you are uncomfortable doing this or if you have any questions at all, just give us a call! Our furnace repair experts are standing by.

Be Proactive

Sign up for annual maintenance! If you don’t have this set up for your furnace yet, chances are you have not heard about our amazing Maintenance and Energy Saving Program! What is it? We set up a schedule to come to your home on a yearly basis in order to inspect your heating system. If your furnace is in need of repair, we can take care of it right away. Now, that’s being proactive! So, avoid small furnace repair problems from becoming bigger ones with our maintenance and energy saving program!

Hire the Professionals

When you do need immediate furnace repair, call a professional heating and cooling contractor. Most furnace-related repairs are no do-it-yourself projects. Only hire a professional to avoid any mishaps.

Get an Inspection Ahead of Time

Before the winter even begins, be sure to have your furnace inspected by our trusted heating contractors at Prescription Heating & Cooling. And, while you are waiting for us to arrive, you can even do a visual inspection of your furnace. Take note of anything that looks amiss, our furnace repair experts are happy to answer any and all of your furnace repair questions!

Get Your Furnace Cleaned

Even furnaces require a little TLC. Though there are some parts you can clean yourself, most of the other parts should be cleaned by a qualified furnace repair professional. Also, be sure to keep any trash and other combustible items away from your furnace at all times to avoid risk of fire.

Are you ready to learn more about furnace repair in Cottage Grove? Call Prescription Heating & Cooling at 651-767-2737, or you can contact us and get a Free Estimate on New Installations.