Tips for Keeping Your Air Conditioning Up and Running This Summer

This time of year, it’s more important than ever to make sure your air conditioner is in good working order. You definitely don’t want it to break down during the peak of the hot summer months! We are an HVAC company serving Cottage Grove, and we have a few suggestions on how to make sure your air conditioning works properly, even when it’s working its hardest.

When you are mowing your lawn, it’s a good idea to turn off your air conditioning while mowing. If the outside unit is turned on and you go past it with your mower, the unit can suck in grass clippings and other debris, and that can clog the unit and require a call to an HVAC company like ours.

You should also keep the air conditioner’s thermostat set for no more than 20 degrees cooler than the temperature that’s outside. So if the outside temperature is 90 degrees, try to keep your indoor air at about 70 degrees or higher if you can tolerate it. This will help keep your home cool without over-working your air conditioner.

Basic maintenance can also help prevent an emergency call to an HVAC company. For example, be sure to regularly change the air filters, and make sure to have the unit inspected regularly. The best time of year to get this done is before the summer starts, usually sometime in the spring months. Also, keep the outdoor unit clear of debris, dust and grass. Cleaning it out at least once a season is a good way to make sure the unit functions as it should when you need it the most!

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