The Horrors of a Malfunctioning Heating System

A cold wind blows as the world outside goes quiet. The chill creeps into your home and you rush toward your thermostat in order to adjust the temperature. A turn of the dial or the press of a button results in nothing. You hear the wind outside gust a bit more and you wonder what’s wrong with your home’s heating system. And as the temperature continues to lower, you realize the horror … of a cold night!

OK, so maybe a malfunctioning heating system doesn’t have the necessary ingredients to be the next great horror film, but it can be scary when you have to face the prospect of a cold night. Luckily, if and when this happens, Prescription Heating & Cooling, serving Woodbury and surrounding areas, will be there for you.

How Prescription Heating & Cooling can save you from the horror of a non-working heating system

When your home’s heating system isn’t working like it should, we’ll assess, inspect and perform all the necessary tests so we can diagnose the problems with your heating system. Once we’ve figured out what is ailing your home’s heating unit, we will then take the time to explain the problems we’ve found and give you a complete estimate of the time and costs necessary to get your heating system back to proper working order.

Don’t have a cold Halloween inside your home. Call us now at 651-767-2737.