Prescription Heating & Cooling, LLC Testimonials


Read what Prescription Heating & Cooling customers have to say about our heating and air conditioning service, HVAC products and heating and cooling maintenance services:

I wanted to tell you how much we appreciated your professionalism and expertise! You are one of the best business guys we have ever worked with! Thank you for making a special stop at our house to fix our AC and talk to us about what we need to be prepared for in the next year or two re: replacing our monster sized AC and heating systems. Your honesty is highly appreciated and we will spread the word to our friends and family. Also, we will hold on to the coupon you left us, (which never expires ;), and call you when we are ready for our estimates! We hope the rest of the summer treats you well.

The Selb’s of Lakeland

I had heard about Prescription Heating & Cooling from a friend so when my a/c started blowing warm air I called them. They came right over and in no time had it working perfectly. It was something about a faulty part in the control system. I would have had no idea about where to even look for the problem! Plus they gave me some great advice about changing the furnace filter more frequently. I’m very happy.

George D. of Woodbury

With the thermostat at full cool, I was still getting just air blowing out of the vents. So I called Prescription Heating & Cooling and they traced the entire system through the furnace and out to the power connection going into the compressor outside. There they found a large bug that had gotten inside to wind up sitting and dying on the wires. Too bad bug, but problem solved!

Fritz W. of Oakdale

Our A/C worked fine last summer, but when we started it on the first warm day this year, the outside condenser didn’t do anything. I asked my neighbor if he knew of a reputable service company I should try and he mentioned Prescription Heating and Cooling. We called the next day and Mike came over that afternoon and found that our refrigerant had leaked out at the condenser. He found the exact spot where the hole was, fixed it, and had us up and running in no time for a very reasonable price. Very happy with the service and would recommend him to anyone.

Greg A. of Oakdale

I had a problem with my 20 -/+ year old furnace igniting reliably. I’m pretty handy (farming/technical background) but didn’t want to screw anything up, plus it was a good opportunity for inspection (per carbon monoxide poisoning). After reading reviews of Prescription Heating & Cooling, I was confident enough to give them a shot. Mike (the owner) definitely lived up to the reviews: I left a voicemail with him & he returned my call within 10 minutes and made appointment for that same day. Mike was right on time & opened up my furnace within 90 seconds of arrival. He also inspected the heat exchanger for carbon monoxide poisoning without being asked. Mike diagnosed problems and gave me the option to fix it myself or have him do the with a 30 minute price quote. I elected to fix the problem myself & he had no problem with that. He gave a boat-load of free advice on looking down the road at replacements without the assumption of him being the only one to work with. He still applied a discount coupon, but his service was so great I gave him more. I really value information & relationships like Prescription Heating & Cooling provides.

Eric A. of Oakdale