William H.

Mike and his assistant were very professional and went above and beyond the call of duty (through spider webs, skunk poop, rat poop, etc) to get the job done. We got a number of quotes, per Mike’s own suggestion, but hands down he was the best choice in terms of price and quality of the work he did! We used his service at our old house and really liked him and he has proven time and again that he is trustworthy and wants to have long term customers and not just make a quick buck. He has made sound recommendations that weren’t always in his favor (in terms of him making a quick profit), because he truly wants life-long customers. At our old house he let us know that it was still in good shape and didn’t need replacing despite the fact that it was getting on in years. For our recent service, the other quotes we received all recommended a much more expensive furnace, but Mike was able to explain why those would have been more power than we needed for the space we needed it to cover, and therefore a higher expense than we needed to spend. He has been nothing but kind and professional and has always taken the time to simply and clearly answer all of our questions and help educate us on our heating/cooling systems.