Spend Less on Your Summer Energy Bills

With the great potential of our summer temperatures being high on a daily basis throughout the season, there is a very good chance that you will be running your central air or air conditioners in your Cottage Grove area home consistently. When this is the case, energy bills can soar as high as those temperatures. We at Prescription Heating & Cooling would like to offer you some tips on keeping your energy bills from skyrocketing during the summer months:

Air Filter

Your air filter for your air conditioner should be discarded and replaced every one to three months—wholly dependent upon usage (monthly during the summer, less in spring or fall). The job of an air filter is to capture any dirt, dust or bits of particle that can enter your unit or system; clogging being your end result. A clogged air filter restricts the air flow in your air conditioners or central air system, leading to likely further problems or breakdowns like an inability to cool or icing up. Cleaning or replacing your air filters on something of a schedule is another means of improving the functionality of your system. Taking the time to clean or replace your air filter on a regular basis can mean the difference between needing a repair or not.

Outdoor Unit Debris

The compressor and condenser are housed within the outdoor unit. No matter how strong, well screened or vented the casing is it is always vulnerable to particle scatter, accumulating bits of dirt, grass, leaves and tree falling within. When these unwelcome guests enter the housing, they tend to lead to problems. Make a little effort to keep the area around the outdoor unit as clean and clear of debris potential as is possible.

Programmable Thermostat

Look into acquiring (if you are not already in possession of) a programmable thermostat. These items offer a good way to save energy as well as the cost of that (potential) energy. You simply program your thermostat to run at certain times or when temperatures reach certain points within the home. Some people are of the thinking that trying to keep your home regulated within a certain temperature range is best (keeping your air conditioning system on at all times, even when not at home)—this actually is not the case. Frequently, that policy raises the temperature from otherwise where it would be, often a good bit lower. Consider programming your central air or air conditioners to begin running shortly before you return home for the day.

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