Preparing your AC Unit for the Minnesota summer

Lawns are now being mowed, gardens tilled, and general clean up around the yard as Minnesotans enjoy spring and prepare for summer. But there are items in the house just as important. The furnace has been keeping us warm all winter and we seem to anticipate that the AC will just work fine when we need it even though it has been in hibernation for over six months.

Summers in Minnesota can get hot and humid and it usually happens overnight. . Most of us don’t use the air conditioner until necessary so we don’t don’t know there is a problem until its too late. This usually occurs to our neighbors as well so getting someone out to repair or replace the unit can take days or weeks.

The easy answer to all of this is getting your AC serviced in the spring. This way if anything needs to be replaced, there is plenty of time to do it and if there is an issue, there is time to get it corrected.

.Being without AC when humidity hits is torture for the entire family. Avoiding this just requires a little planning and a phone call to Prescription Heating and Cooling .

Ongoing maintenance and servicing can give you peace of mind that your cooling system is ready for whatever lies ahead. We’ve been doing this for over 25 years and are well trained and experienced. We will let you know exactly

Whether you just need some annual maintenance or a system overhaul, we have what you need. With affordable, dependable, energy efficient systems we can provide options to meet the needs of your home and family.

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