Include Your Heating and Air Conditioning System in Your Spring Cleaning To-Do List

With the arrival of spring, warm weather chores begin to pop up in and out of the house. Windows, gardens, lawns and landscaping all make that annual list, so should your HVAC system, so often overlooked in preparatory efforts.  It will be used, with a lot of starts and stops, for keeping your home cool for many months to come. Always be mindful of your heating and air conditioning system as the seasons change.

Check out these seven useful tips related to keeping your home and cooling system operating efficiently:

  1. Check and or replace your heating and air conditioning filters monthly. Fiberglass filters should be changed monthly, media box filters can last up to six months.
  1. Inspect and caulk around windows and doors. These efforts will help keep out heat and humidity in the summer and cold drafts in the winter, saving you on your utility bills all year round.
  1. Open and close all windows. If you experience difficulty opening or closing, check the weather stripping, hinges, and locking mechanisms. Lubricate or replace if necessary.
  1. Outdoor caulking should take place in the spring, when a joint is halfway between seasonal extremes.
  1. Consider a professional air duct cleaning to remove the potential accumulation of allergens, dust, insects and even rodents. This effort will also serve to further enhance the quality of air and airflow in your home.
  1. Make sure you have at least two feet of clearance around outdoor air conditioning units for maximum air flow and accessibility for servicing.
  1. Have your cooling system professionally inspected and tested to make sure it’s operating safely and at peak efficiency.


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