HVAC Companies in Stillwater Gear Up for 2014

It’s officially winter! Many places in Minnesota, including Stillwater, have already had snow. For the community of Stillwater, HVAC companies can sometimes be a life-saver. At Prescription Heating & Cooling, we are familiar with Stillwater winters, and we’re here to help. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any heating and cooling concerns you may have. In this blog, we’re going to cover some of the ways HVAC companies can help you this winter.

Predictions for the Winter

The Farmer’s Almanac is predicting below-average temperatures for the country, as well as above-average snowfall. Since Stillwater is already seeing temperatures below zero, that means we’re in for a long, cold winter. Living in the Upper Midwest, we’re used to cold and snowy winters, but it doesn’t mean we have to like it! HVAC companies will try their hardest to keep Stillwater warm this winter.

Keeping Your Family Warm

There’s nothing more important than your family being safe and comfortable. This winter, a fully operating HVAC unit can help with the comfort aspect. Many HVAC companies in the Stillwater area, including Prescription Heating & Cooling, will be ready to make house calls for all kinds of HVAC emergencies. We work hard to make timely improvements to your HVAC unit, so you and your family stay warm all winter long.

HVAC Companies in 2014

It’s important to think toward 2014 and what you’re going to need HVAC companies for. Budget and plan for any major HVAC improvements you may need. If your unit is older, make plans to have preventative maintenance done. You should also plan to have an annual checkup, about a year from when you had it done in 2013.

If you’re in need of one of the most reliable HVAC companies in the Stillwater area, contact us today by calling 651-767-2737 or request a free estimate online.