Home Heating on the Fritz?

It is well beyond freezing cold outside. You rise, ready to go through the daily ritual of readying yourself for work only to realize that it is downright chilly in your house. Your heating system is not working, for one reason or another. What should you do? You can call on a worthy, professional and expert company like Prescription Heating & Cooling to assist you with whatever is amiss with your home heating system. So, if you having issues in heating at your Woodbury area home, choose us! In addition to the standard installations and repairs regarding heating, we offer 24/7/365 emergency service. Anytime you need heating help, give us a call!

Check Your Thermostat

There are some incredibly simple things you will want to do before bringing a heating company out to your home. Among them would be looking at your thermostat. You will want to make sure that the system is indeed turned on, making sure the system is set to “heating”. Should your system offer the capability, also make sure that it is set to turn on once the temperature within your home dips below a certain point. It is amazingly simple to inadvertently turn off the system without realizing it. Should this pass, your programmed settings can be reset or altogether disabled.

Check Your Furnace’s Filter

After the simple thermostat check, we get into the cogs of the system itself. Do you recall the last time you or someone else swapped out the old filter for a new one in your furnace? If you cannot place a rough date estimate upon this action, simply head over to your furnace and look at the filter. If it is dirty and dusty, has clearly left its best days in the past, get a new one. Install this new filter, turn the system on and see if that makes a difference. If the filter looks good, simply skip this part of the process and give our heating and cooling company a call. It is often the case that something this user friendly is the source of a seeming malfunctory heating system.

Check the Power Source

Some other basics you can look into are making sure that your furnace is turned on, that it is getting juice in the form of electricity. Some furnace types offer an emergency shut-off switch that looks painfully similar to a light switch. So check this to make sure that the system was not turned off by accident. Another possibility is that a fuse was blown or that a circuit may have been tripped.

If none of these quick fixes work, give our Woodbury area heating company a call at 651-767-2737 or you can contact us for a Free Estimate on New Installations.