Find Your Arden Hills HVAC Contractor Now

Don’t wait until your air conditioning unit breaks down to find an HVAC contractor to service your Arden Hills home. Home owners that wait until they have a system failure often need to pick the first available Arden Hills HVAC contractor and may have to make a quick but sometimes poor choice.

Develop a relationship with an HVAC contractor that regularly services the Arden Hills area while your system is still operating.  It doesn’t have to be with the biggest service company in the area, in fact, the really large companies often have service rates that are much higher than small to medium size companies. They have to charge those high rates to cover the extra overhead costs for additional office personnel and nonproductive technician time during any slow periods.

The important concern is not necessarily how big the company is, but how the company and its service technician relate to their customers, and whether the technicians are trained and competent. A small to medium size HVAC contractor that regularly provides service in Arden Hills will often assume more personal interest in their customers. This is frequently reflected in word-of-mouth referrals and on web site testimonials from satisfied customers.

It’s best to find an HVAC contractor that offers maintenance agreements for Arden hills home owners. Air conditioning systems require regular service and occasional adjustments. A visit by a qualified service technician twice a year will increase the chances of efficient and reliable operation between visits. In those rare cases when a failure does occur, maintenance agreement customers usually receive priority scheduling and discounts on any required service. In some cases an emergency service call may even be covered by the agreement.

Prescription Heating & Cooling is a fully insured and licensed HVAC contractor and we take a personal interest in ensuring the satisfaction of our Arden Hills customers. Our service technicians are trained and highly qualified to work on all brands and models of heating and air conditioning equipment.

Contact us today by calling 651-767-2737 for more information on how we can help maintain the efficiency and reliability of your HVAC system.