FAQs about Furnace Repair

As specialists in furnace repair in White Bear Lake and the surrounding areas, we hear a lot of the same questions over and over again. We never mind answering them, of course, so we thought we would take the time address some of the ones we hear the most often. If your questions are not on this list, please feel free to contact us!

Q: If I call you for furnace repair but it turns out I need a new furnace, what happens next?

A: If we come to your home for a furnace repair appointment only to find out that the cost of the repairs will be more than the cost of a replacement, we will let you know as soon as we determine that information. After that, we can take some measurements, make our calculations and determine the best size furnace for your home. We can also take care of installing your new furnace too.

Q: Will a bigger furnace heat my home more efficiently?

A: No, not necessarily. A new furnace has to be the correct size for your house, which is why the aforementioned measurements and calculations are so crucial. If your new furnace is too big or too small for your house, your heating bills will rise and the furnace might have a shorter life span than it normally would.

Q: What are some of the most common reasons that people call you for furnace repair?

A: Sometimes, our furnace repair technician comes out and all a furnace needs is a good cleaning and a filter change. Other times, the repair work is more extensive. For example, a part might need to be replaced.

Q: What are some things I can do to help avoid a broken furnace?

A: The best things you can do for your furnace are twofold: make sure you change the filter on a regular basis (usually about once a month), and make sure you get it inspected and cleaned on a yearly basis (usually right before or right after winter). We offer service agreements where we will come to your house on an annual basis to take care of the cleaning, inspection and other aspects of keeping your furnace up and running.

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