FAQs about Air Conditioners

As an HVAC company near White Bear Lake, we get our share of questions about air conditioners, how to care for them and other inquiries related to these types of cooling systems. And since it’s the summer, we thought we would take the time to answer some of the questions our HVAC company hears the most about them.

Q: How do air conditioners work?

A: In the most basic terms, an air conditioner takes the heat in your home and moves it outside. The air is drawn into your home’s ductwork through the return air system. Refrigerant (in a liquid state) is pumped from your air conditioner’s condenser into the evaporator coil. As the refrigerant passes through the inside of the coil, warm air from your home’s inside area passes over the outside of the coil. The refrigerant within the evaporator boils off and absorbs the heat from the air.

From there, the refrigerant is pulled back to the condenser where (in a vapor state) it is condensed back into liquid form and releases the heat to the outside air. This process is repeated continuously as the system operates to cool the air in your home.

Q: How does an HVAC company figure out what size air conditioner is the best for my home?

A: There are a few things an HVAC company like Prescription Heating & Cooling will do to install the right size air conditioner in your home. We will take some measurements, and we will factor in how many windows and doors your home has. We will also take into account the type and quality of insulation that your home has.

Q: What brand of air conditioners does your HVAC company install?

A: Our HVAC company installs Luxaire air conditioners. They are among the best and most reliable on the market today.

Q: How often should I have my air conditioner serviced?

A: Our HVAC company recommends (for peak efficiency) that you have your air conditioner inspected and serviced once a year. That way, if there are any needed repairs, we can take care of them before they become an even bigger and possibly more expensive problem.

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