Air Conditioner Repair for Increased Efficiency this Summer

Hot summer nights are on their way! If you haven’t fired up the old air conditioner yet, the time will come before you know it. And, with the potential for our summer to bring high temperatures on a daily basis, there is a very good chance that your air conditioner will be used quite consistently. With all this upcoming usage, it can be a good idea to consider air conditioner repair for your Maplewood home before the heat hits. Energy bills can soar as high as the temperatures and thorough air conditioner repair or maintenance can avoid inefficiencies and make sure your system is running as well as it should be. We at Prescription Heating & Cooling would like to offer you some tips to help keep your air conditioner running as smoothly as possible this summer:

air conditioner repair

Clean and Clear Debris

Start by cleaning leaves and debris out of the base of the condenser and make sure the drain holes at the bottom are clear. The compressor and condenser coil are housed within the outdoor unit. No matter how well screened or vented the coil is, it is always vulnerable to the accumulation of bits of dirt, grass, leaves and tree fallings. When these unwelcome guests enter the housing, they tend to lead to problems. Make a little effort to keep the area around the outdoor unit as clean and clear of debris as possible. Then tighten any loose mounting bolts and, if the fan motor has oil ports, put a few drops of lightweight high grade turbine oil for lubrication. If you are unsure about how to perform any of this, call Prescription Heating & Cooling for expert air conditioner repair.

Check, Clean and Replace Your Air Filters

This is the easiest and most important step in preparing your air conditioner for summer. The air filter for your air conditioner should be discarded and replaced every one to three months. The job of an air filter is to capture any dirt, dust or particles that can enter your unit or system; and clogging is common. A clogged air filter restricts the air flow in your air conditioners or central air system, leading to further problems or breakdowns like the inability to cool or icing up. Cleaning or replacing your air filters on a regular schedule is a great way of improving the functionality of your system. You can even help avoid air conditioner repair down the line by regularly replacing your air filters.

Test Your System

First, turn the thermostat to off. Then, turn on the power at both the disconnect box and at the main panel. Last, switch the thermostat back on and set to cool. If you notice anything abnormal, you may require air conditioner repair. An HVAC expert from Prescription Heating & Cooling can take a look at your system and determine what needs to be done.

For more information on air conditioner repair in the Maplewood area, Call Prescription Heating & Cooling at 651-767-2737 or Contact Us for a free estimate on your new installation.