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Preparing your AC Unit for the Minnesota summer

Lawns are now being mowed, gardens tilled, and general clean up around the yard as Minnesotans enjoy spring and prepare for summer. But there are items in the house just as important. The furnace has been keeping us warm all winter and we seem to anticipate that the AC will just work fine when we need it even though it has been in hibernation for over six months.

Summers in Minnesota can get hot and humid and it usually happens overnight. . Most of us don’t use the air conditioner until necessary so we don’t don’t know there is a problem until its too late. This usually occurs to our neighbors as well so getting someone out to repair or replace the unit can take days or weeks.

The easy answer to all of this is getting your AC serviced in the spring. This way if anything needs to be replaced, there is plenty of time to do it and if there is an issue, there is time to get it corrected.

.Being without AC when humidity hits is torture for the entire family. Avoiding this just requires a little planning and a phone call to Prescription Heating and Cooling .

Ongoing maintenance and servicing can give you peace of mind that your cooling system is ready for whatever lies ahead. We’ve been doing this for over 25 years and are well trained and experienced. We will let you know exactly

Whether you just need some annual maintenance or a system overhaul, we have what you need. With affordable, dependable, energy efficient systems we can provide options to meet the needs of your home and family.

Call us for a tune up today.

Winter is approaching

And now is the perfect time to have your furnace checked to ensure that your furnace is functional, energy-efficient, and safe to use. You will not want to turn on the furnace during that first cold day only to discover that it isn’t working. Professional companies are usually very busy during the onset of the winter period. Therefore, it is always a good idea to call us and schedule a furnace maintenance ahead or time. Hiring the services of a professional to clean and service your heating system the best way to save you money in the long run.

Choosing the Best Heating and Air Conditioning Service for You

With spring creeping in and summer on the horizon, now is a great time to make sure your air conditioning is in tip top shape. And, why not take a minute to check how your heating system faired this winter? It is important to first find a heating and air conditioning service in Cottage Grove you can trust and depend on. But, what are some things to look out for when deciding which heating and air conditioning service to hire? We are here to provide you with a brief rundown to help you find the right one for you.

Heating Stillwater

First, get some quotes. Each heating and air conditioning service should send someone to your home first in order to give you an accurate price estimate. Have the technician inspect your heating and cooling equipment and speak to you about your heating and cooling needs. The company should never give you an estimate without knowing exactly what your heating and cooling issues are.

And, don’t automatically go with the lowest quote. After all, you get what you pay for. Just because a company gives you an estimate that is cheaper than another heating and air conditioning service that does not mean it is automatically your best bet. Make sure you understand everything the heating and air conditioning service is promising, and make sure you get it all in writing.

Next, check their reputation. You want to make sure you hire a heating and cooling company that has been in business for awhile and has positive reviews online. Ask them how long they have been in business and check to make sure they are licensed to do the work.

Do they offer any warranty on their work? You should also ask about any warranties or guarantees they may have on their products and services. Peace of mind goes a long way when choosing a heating and air conditioning service.

Choosing a heating and air conditioning service can be a confusing process. But, it doesn’t have to be! Following these suggestions can help you make the best choice.
And, when you’re ready, contact our heating and cooling contractors for a routine inspection. We can come to your home and make sure your air conditioner is working as it should be before the hot weather hits.

For more information on our heating and air conditioning service in Cottage Grove, call Prescription Heating & Cooling at 651-767-2737 or contact us for a Free Estimate on New Installations.

Is Your AC Ready to Beat the Heat?

Today, March 20th, marks the first day of spring. And, although summer won’t kick into high gear for some time; now is a great time to get your heating and cooling needs in order. Include your air conditioner as part of your spring cleaning and ensure that it’s ready once the first hot day hits.

As experts in heating and cooling for White Bear Lake, we thought we’d put together some of the warning signs your air conditioning could be exhibiting. And, if you’re noticing that all you’ve been doing lately is having your air conditioner fixed, then you might want to consider having it replaced. Here are some signs that you need a new air conditioner:

Inconsistent Temperatures

Although temperature inconsistencies are not always an indication that your air conditioner needs to be replaced, it can still be a sign that there are problems with it. A heating and cooling company like ours can come in and take a look to see what might be causing the inconsistent temperatures. And, springtime is the best time to do it!

Some other culprits could be your thermostat, the type and quality of your home’s insulation or issues with your home’s duct work. The only way to be sure is to call us to come to your home to take a look at your heating and cooling.

Repeat Repairs

Calling in your local heating and cooling company for repairs quite often? This is one of the biggest signs that you need a new air conditioner. Repairs, even small ones, can really add up. It might be more cost effective to look into having a new air conditioner installed by a reputable heating and cooling company like ours.


If your air conditioner is more than 15 years old, then call our heating and cooling company to see if you could use a new air conditioner unit. We will not recommend it unless it’s absolutely necessary. But, if you do have your old air conditioner replaced, you could start to see some savings on your electric bills. Newer models are far more energy efficient than older models. And you can rely on a new AC unit to evenly cool your home.

Give our heating and cooling company a call today to learn more about our air conditioners and how to get on our schedule to have a new one installed in your home this spring.

For more information on heating and cooling in White Bear Lake, call Prescription Heating & Cooling at 651-767-2737, or you can contact us to get a Free Estimate on a New Installation.

Is it Time to Upgrade Your HVAC System?

Spring is almost here so it’s a great time of year to consider the quality and efficiency of your HVAC system. This winter you may have noticed some issues with your heating, and soon you’ll be preparing your air conditioning for summer. But how do you know if you need HVAC replacement or just need to change a filter? As the trusted HVAC contractor for Cottage Grove and the surrounding areas, we’re here to offer some advice. Whether you add, replace or maintain your heating and cooling system, these tips will hopefully save you money and keep comfortable. And, whenever you need HVAC repair or replacement don’t hesitate to contact the expert HVAC contractor; Prescription Heating & Cooling.

hvac contractor


How old is your HVAC system? Is your heating or air conditioning system more than 10 years old or not keeping your comfortable? Having a trusted HVAC contractor replace your old HVAC system could help better heat and cool your home and save you money in the long run.


Before investing in a totally new heating or cooling system, it is a good idea to check your house and your HVAC system for costly air leaks. This could be the root of the problem, and may be a lot less expensive. Properly insulating your home and sealing leaks will help your heating and cooling system run much more efficiently. You may discover that you don’t need to replace that system after all.


This spring, have your air conditioning filter replaced. This can improve your air quality and efficiency. And, be sure to check your air filter every 30 days during the summer. Have your HVAC contractor also check for leaks this spring. Having any leaks in your ductwork repaired will increase your system’s efficiency. This will help your heating and air conditioning to better cool and heat your home and help you save you money.
Professional Help

When it comes to heating and air conditioning, it is important to schedule preventative maintenance. Simply give us a call and we can make sure your system is running efficiently for the winter, spring, summer and fall; making it less likely to break down.

From the beginning, make sure you choose a professional HVAC contractor and have the right system for your home installed. You won’t want a system that’s too big or too small for your home. And, an HVAC contractor like ours can help you find the right fit.

Whatever you need, from repairs to replacement, our HVAC contractor can help you from the very first sign of trouble.

Are you in need of a reliable HVAC contractor in Cottage Grove? Contact us today by calling 651-767-2737 or Contact us Online.