Benefits of High Efficiency Heating

High efficiency heating seems to be all the rage these days, especially because Americans as a whole have become more money-conscious and more aware of their impact on the climate and environment. As one of the best HVAC companies serving White Bear Lake, we are often asked about high efficiency heating and how it can benefit a business or home. Here are a few of our favorite reasons that high efficiency heating is among the best and most cost-effective ways to keep your home or office nice and toasty during the cold months.

Financial Benefits

HVAC companies like ours can install high efficiency HVAC equipment that will save you money in the long run. Because this equipment runs more efficiently, that translates to big savings for you on your utility bills. In the 1980s, furnaces ran at about 70% efficiency. That was the most efficient furnace you could buy during that decade. But in recent years, furnaces have started to run at nearly 98% efficiency. When you buy one of these furnaces, your wallet will be thanking you.

Environmental Benefits

Not only will your wallet be thanking you, but so will Mother Earth. Because these types of furnaces and other heating equipment run more efficiently, they are less of a strain on the environment. They don’t require as much energy, and that also translates into help our environment and leaving less of a carbon footprint.

Increase Comfort

Again, tying this back into the high efficiency characteristic of this type of heating equipment, heating your home or business and keeping everyone comfortable is a lot easier. Because these furnaces now run at nearly 98% efficiency, you can rest easy knowing all of that warm air and hot water are being used to heat your home or office and is not being lost because of inefficiency. You and your family or employees will be a lot more comfortable in the long run! Just call one of the best HVAC companies out there – Prescription Heating & Cooling – to learn more about high efficiency heating and how it can help you save money and stay warm and comfortable all winter long!

Longer Life

Because of the way these new high efficiency heating systems are designed, they tend to last longer than the old type of furnace. The newer types of furnaces are generally a bigger investment at first, but they definitely pay for themselves in the long run thanks to the lower utility and heating bills.

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