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Air Conditioning MaplewoodSpring has sprung and not far behind it shall be the hotter months of summer. Perhaps your home is not set up with a central air type of system, window air conditioning units helping you slog through the heat annually. Or maybe that old unit of yours does not kick out the cool as efficiently as it once did. If any of the above applies to you and you need help with or possibly the new installation of air conditioning at your Maplewood home, trust the experts at Prescription Heating & Cooling.

Offering 24-7/365 service with all aspects of air conditioning systems, be it an emergency or if you would like to learn more about getting a new air conditioning system installed, we can lend the assist. Our techs are fully trained and ready to master any air conditioning problem you are experiencing. Whether your existing system is not running correctly or you have dirty ducts, we offer cleaning and inspection services to see where the problems lie.

Our company offers service agreements and we can advise you on which type of air conditioning system to have installed. Prescription Heating & Cooling technicians will take obtain precise dimensions to make absolutely sure that you get the right-sized unit installed in your home. An air conditioning unit that is too big or too small will tend towards having you spend far more on cooling your home than is necessary—we aim to help you avoid that hassle!

Call us today to learn more about our heating and cooling company and to get on our schedule. We offer free estimates on new installations, and we are happy to answer any other questions you have about our services.

Maplewood Area Air conditioning

Finding an air conditioning company in Maplewood that you trust can be tough. In an emergency situation the last thing you want to do is to have to get on-line, call around and weed them out—you may well end up sacrificing high quality customer service for a quick response without even being aware. It’s important to have a strong relationship with an air conditioning company so that when an emergency arises, you will have a reliable team at your disposal. Call us today at 651-767-2737. Prescription Heating & Cooling should be your first and only call!

Maplewood residents, like residents in the rest of Minnesota, are used to extreme weather. Hot in the summer, beyond frigid in the winter—a well-working HVAC system is essential in living here. Air conditioning units, furnaces, heaters and HVAC equipment will all need a little work over the years. It’s important to have routine maintenance performed. A checkup at least every couple years, can save you a lot of hassle in the long run. Have our air conditioning techs come out and inspect your units as the seasons change.

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